Facebook - Love It Or Hate It

Facebook...you either love it, hate it or hate to love it. But either way, it's become the way to connect with people...people from your past and your present...even people you meet that you thought you would never see again.

Facebook is about to double in size in less than eight months, as it approaches it's 200 million Facebook user, but it also has another social media network on it's heels called Twitter. Both networks allow you to connect with people all over, but Facebook is more of an online profile, and a place where you can connect with old friends and new friends. You can see what how life has treated your old high school sweetheart or make sure that guy or girl you met out is not psycho.

You can be as cool as you want to be on Facebook, and let everybody know it. You can share photos

Twitter's tagline is "what are you doing", but once people become twitter pros, they rarely update with "what they are doing". It's more about posting funny, witty quotes or informing people of the latest product, music or movie that they're into. It's almost like an online conversation..users can ask a question and get an instantaneous response from their followersTwitter's also is almost like an online conversation happening with your followers.