Humble is the new Buzz

Buzz, word-of-mouth, viral marketing. I’ve been thinking about the value of WOM after discovering the Skittles site, and seeing how many people were blogging and twittering about it.

Everyone knows that WOM is always the best way to advertise. As talk about your product begins to snowball, then it becomes a buzz topic. And buzz can turn your product into the next must have item.

But it’s important to make sure you point out the right buzz producers. Be sure to do your research, because the type of individual that will produce the best ROI may surprise you.

I just read on, about a pharmaceutical company who discovered that word of mouth was affecting physician’s prescription behavior, but what really surprised them was to discover their best promoter was a doctor that they did not know anything about.

Typically, pharmaceutical companies expect their best promoters to be the physicians that are high profile or self-reported opinion leaders. But this study showed their best advertiser came from a well respected doctor who kept his name out of the medical spotlight.

It’s good to be humble. Those people who truly possess great skill or knowledge about something don’t need to flaunt it. Others will see their knowledge, along with their humility, and respect will follow. Respected individuals produce valuable opinions, and people naturally listen to them.

So keep your marketing eyes on the humble, because he or she could be the one to bring you buzz.