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The Joy of Super Bowl Sunday--The Commercials

The Joy of Super Bowl Sunday--The Commercials

One of the main reasons I tune into the Super Bowl is to watch the highly anticipated Super Bowl commercials. And this year did not disappoint.

As usual, Budweiser did an outstanding job. Their best commercial, and the top rated commercial, was “Fetch”, where the Budweiser Clydesdale was imitating the dog, which was an extension to last year’s hit commercial where the dog was imitating the Clydesdale. Here it is if you didn't get to watch:

What makes the Super Bowl commercials so unique, is that it’s more about the entertainment factor than it is about the actual product. With that in mind, the strategy behind that is that whatever company can be the most entertaining, the most outlandish, the most controversial; basically whoever can produce the commercial that makes people talk is who wins. That’s who will be talked about on the morning radio shows the next day and will make their product memorable in the minds of the consumer. has produced some major buzz from their commercials. They don’t advertise any other time, except the Super Bowl, but everyone knows who they are because of their infamously over-the-top racy Super Bowl commercials. As soon as their commercial aired, I knew it was a commercial. Most people don’t even know who GoDaddy is, but because of the racy content, they will be curious enough to look up on the Internet. Check out the 2 commercials in this year's Super Bowl:

It’s fascinating to analyze the lengths and creativity that goes into marketing in a Super Bowl commercial. To be entertained by all the Super Bowl commercials and to see the Top Ten ranked commercials, click here.