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Millennials vs. Generation Edge

Millennials vs. Generation Edge

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I came across some interesting research from The Sound over the weekend – the differences between Millennials and Generation Edge and how to market to them. First, let me define. Millennials are described as those born between 1981 and 1996 who grew up during the dotcom boom and the global warming crisis. Generation Edge is the group born between 1995 and the present, who have only known a world on the edge of collapse (economic, political, environmental and social). The research describes how vastly different these two generations are, and I found it very interesting. Unlike Millennials, Generation Edge is being forced to grow up quicker than their predecessors and they know that nothing in life is guaranteed. The last quote of the deck was especially interesting from a marketing standpoint - "Marketing to Millenials resulted in an endless quest for brand authenticity. Generation Edge will be engaged by another 'A' word. The alternative."

The generation after Millennials are NOT like Millennials: We call them Generation Edge

from The Sound.