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Growing Without Pain

Growing Without Pain

They say if you're not growing, you're dying (I don't actually know who says that besides my Dad who repeated it often)….but these days, I'm definitely living because I'm growing!

I wasn't planning on growing. In fact, I emphatically said to many people that I don't WANT to grow my business!  But I started to change my perspective after reading EMyth late last year. Since then, I've been noodling on their ideas about purpose, vision, blah, blah, blah. The primary message of that book (for me) is that when you get clarity on what you want out of life, you can get clearer on what you want out of your business...and when you get clearer on that, you begin seeing how so much of what you're spending your time on is not getting you more of what you really want

So what I really want is to have long-lasting relationships with awesome clients. And to conduct really cool research with them so that we're all learning…and growing. 

And to do that flawlessly, I am finally realizing I can't do everything by myself. I need help.  Wow, I said it. And, a few months after deciding this, I DO have help…in the form of 2 full-time employees. And, it's awesome. Yippeee!!! I know not everyone has awesome employees but I can honestly say that for all the waiting and grumbling about having them, I am pretty darn blessed, lucky, whatever you want to say. Because I found 2 who are extremely bright, responsible, and passionate, and they're helping me grow in ways I wasn't expecting.  

Meet my new team:  

Mayuri Joshi, 

whose official title is Research Magician because she's helping me magically turn consumer learnings into insightful stories with recommendations. 

And Talia Short, 

who is my Chief Wrangler and manages the important details that make or break a project as well as my daily office happenings. I'm loving their fresh passion and hard-working spirit.

AND, I've been working on defining a business plan amidst a busy research season and found this slideshare powerpoint, which has provided more motivation and information about how to go about taking a business a small business to the next level from Adele Barlow.

Now, back to work and on to more growth!