Cool Research Deliverables

We all want to learn more more about how to communicate research findings succinctly and with a flair so key stakeholders can easily grasp and “buy-in” to the learnings.

So, this workshop, Design-Driven Deliverables: Adding Dimension to Your Research, was not only relevant but also insightful because it gave useful tips and examples of how to expand reporting beyond the Power Point presentation. Speakers, Steve Kulp and Lisa Broome, discussed creating shadowboxes , murals and inspiration stations to pull together “experiential” learnings.

By using a variety of unusual deliverables, the broader audience will have the ability to learn more through all of their senses. Some examples of these are shown below:

It was a great session of questions, answers and idea sharing. One interesting thought brought up by Dean Macko of Hyundai was the possibility of using actual respondents at the end of a segmentation study to better personify the segment learnings. Cool stuff!