It's A Small World

It’s a small world here at The Market Research Event. During Tuesday’s lunch, I reconnected with an old friend! As I was introducing myself to folks around the table, I did a double take. A friend I had not seen in over 2 years , Brooke Fagley, Vice President of Client Service at Directions Research, Inc. was sitting across from me! The last time we were together we were trying to make our way through Italian lessons at a mutual friend's house!

Here she is with a couple of other folks at our table, Beth Daush of Directions Research and John Delgado of Eastern Research:

We chatted for a few minutes catching up until the keynote speaker began his presentation. Marc Dresner, Executive Editor of RFL Communications, gave a compelling speech regarding their work to help improve data quality issues across the market research industry. Their publication, Platforms for Data Progress: The Client’s Guide to Rapid Improvement of Online Research, was distributed. His presentation gave a lively account regarding the history of its development.

For those of you who were unable to make it, he mentioned that the publication has been approved and is being distributed by the American Marketing Association. It can be found at